Mission Statement

“Working together to achieve our very best”

Owhango School is a three teacher school.

We aim to create a school environment where every child can thrive, whilst developing a positive self-esteem and feel safe and secure.  We work to achieve a healthy school climate characterised by attitudes of courtesy, co-operation, consideration and tolerance.

In this setting we believe children learn effectively, developing critical thinking skills, with independent work and learning habits to master the curriculum.  From this base comes interest in creative work for personal fulfilment, participation in worthwhile leisure activities and an appreciation of the arts.

While a major purpose of the primary school is preparation for future learning and further education, we want our children to live their lives fully and significantly as children. To do this they need to be focused, mentally alert, have an effective grasp on the tools of learning and have an understanding and appreciation of their natural and social worlds.

In this way we hope that they will grow into emotionally stable adults who are generous and self-disciplined, willing to shoulder responsibility and equipped to do so.

We want them to move confidently into their future

  • as citizens with integrity and courage
  • aware of the strengths and shortcomings of their society
  • with a will to work for improvements
  • and readiness to make sacrifices for ends bigger than themselves.

At Owhango School priority is given to literacy and numeracy programmes.

Owhango School is the central pivot point of the wider community.  We do not ask for school fees (donations) but rather actively encourage regular input from a wide range of “Friends of the School” in various supportive roles for the students and the school.  This community truly believes and puts into practise the old adages:

“The most important thing that you can give a child is your time”


“It takes a whole village to educate a child”.

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